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Who is Harish Maharshi? What is his life story Of Harish Maharshi?

Harish Maharshi (born 5th June 1983) is an Indian actor, dancer, mimicry artist and a model. He is an alumnus of pravah theatre Mumbai which is run by Neeraj Kabi. Harish is also certified in camera acting provided by Bollywood actor Ashok Kumar Beniwal, He has also learned acting skills from Jairoop Jeevan former assistant of Shekar Kapoor. Harish began his career with a lead role in a Rajasthani Movie named as Chimpudo. He has also performed mimicry acts at various platforms all over India. Harish had also performed Dance at national level competition held at IET Alwar during his college time. In his modelling career he got Mr Talented award in Mr Rajasthan show in 2022. He has also got the runner up tile for Mr Shekhawati. He was also a chief runway model for Mr Chirawa 2022.

Upcoming projects

  1. Chimpudo movie to be released in theatres India wide Jan 2023
  2. Lead role in Nagin Song with with Bunty King Haryana in Jan 2023
  3. Lead role in Muskaan Song with Bunty King Harayana in Jan 2023
  4. Web series shoot in Feb 2023


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