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Who is Dhanraj Sharma? What is his life story Of Dhanraj Sharma?

Hello friends, how are you all, as you know, if you have come to know about Dhanraj Sharma, then you have come to the right place, I am going to tell you everything about him, just what you guys have to do is read till the last Only then you will understand about Dhanraj Sharma ji.
Bhojpuri singer actor I have sung many songs in Bhojpuri, so now let’s talk about how did singer actor Dhanraj Sharma start, let’s start the year 2015 when I made up my mind to sing after listening to Ritesh Pandey’s song and then Soon I also sang songs, but in the beginning I did not get any support, then later I started meeting and started singing continuously. There is a lot to be done ahead of this.
I still remember how I dared to become a singer in the year 2015, there was no support from home, no support from anywhere, then what was to be done in the end, I collected some money by working in a factory and finally this I came out with an album named (Nevata Kabul Kar Mai) with total 8 songs in this album but don’t know for some reason only 1 or 2 songs were released, rest don’t know why this album didn’t do anything special in the market but A few days after this an album came again called Niche Dekho.
Dhanraj’s song Sab Bhail Deewana, when the album came, it felt like something good happened, because there were a total of 2 songs in this album, and both of them started playing somewhere, what happens from this, what is the courage, it is encouraging that something good happened, then what was to happen. Dhanraj again brought an album after the success of Sab Bhail Deewna’s song Saachal Saman Ho Yeh Bhi Album Chhota Bahut, after that the album was full of money. Late but came because he had a passion in himself.

Aai na raja Holi mein eks album toh dhamal fun diya Holi mein 1 lakh people listened to me in 1 day, could have spoken a hit song Holi song tha achcha hua jo hua himmat mila Dhanraj Sharma again thought now he should sing constantly
Aur aisa hua bhi phir ruka bhi nahi ruka aur aaj don’t know how many songs have been sung, how many hits have happened but the journey is still left, that’s why they are engaged



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