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Exclusive Q&A Interview With Young Entrepreneur Sachin Soni

elebrities and luminaries from other industries as well. 

Q -:- What is your biggest achievement so far?

Having been able to start my second venture before turning 19 is I think was a good target to achieve. But before that, the list of happy and content clients from India and Abroad is what makes me feel proud of myself. I am content that the hard work that goes behind creating tailor-made solutions for them is showing positive and desired results to them. There trust on me and my team is what I cherish.

Q -:- Any advice and suggestions for young entrepreneurs like you?

Well, my suggestion is success starts with self-belief, focus, hard work, and risk-taking ability. If you believe in something you must be able to take the risk to achieve that. And you should work with total focus without fear of failure. The more you are planned and focused lesser are the chances of failure.

Q -:- Anything you want to add about yourself or your organizations?

Most of the things are already in the public domain, but still to all readers would like to say that CRIXX MEDIA, Online personality management, and brand management.  We strive only for the best

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